Puppy Socialising

Who can resist a bundle of joy....

Having a puppy in the house can be quite demanding as they require a lot of attention, and they cannot be left alone for long periods of time. This can make it difficult for you to leave the house for an extended length during those first few months. But fear not, we are here to help you gain back some normality! We can come to your home to make sure your puppy is getting those first important social impressions, while also being fed and let out for a tinkle.

This initial period of puppy life can make a big difference to their behaviour in later life, it is all about giving your puppy a wide range of experiences in a calm and controlled way. At Woof Wag Wycombe, we want to make it all as enjoyable as possible so that your puppy learns to be relaxed, confident and friendly.

Once ready, we can introduce your puppy to the pack where they will discover some important 'life skills'. We ensure that everyone your puppy meets, everything they see and everywhere they go turn into a brand new experience for your puppy. We can't wait to meet your bundle of joy, and see them grow into a confident and sociable adult dog. 

Once Fully Vaccinated

When your puppy is fully vaccinated they are welcome to join the pack at Woof Wag Wycombe for some short walks.

This provides your puppy with real life experience ensuring they will be fully integrated with other older dogs who can show the way!

Puppy Socialising


Socialising at Home

We visit your puppy at home as required for feeding, playtime, exploring the garden and socialising, even clearing up any accidents!

30 minutes visit


£12 per visit

First Short Walks

These 1-2-1 short walks are usually done in green areas near your home. Includes cuddling and socialising before and after the exciting walk.

30 minutes visit/walk

Age Dependant 

£12 per visit

Joining the Others

Once vaccinated, your puppy can join a group walk to further improve their socialisation skills. Initially this will be on the lead unless you stipulate otherwise.

30 - 45 minutes walk

Age Dependant 

£10 per walk

Bernie & Sally

Leaving Bernie alone for hours while he was a puppy was just not something we wanted to do. Tina has been ideal as she has become like a second family looking after Bernie when he needed that crucial contact.

A Happy & Sociable Puppy


Take this perfect opportunity to socialise your puppy in the early days. This will ensure your fluffy friend learns some crucial skills to be used for the rest of their life.

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