Pet Taxi Service

A journey of a lifetime....

Our pet taxi service offers your pet safe, comfortable transportation and your pet will be accompanied at all times. We transport animals to and from vet visits, grooming appointments, and boarding kennels.

If required, we can be hired to transport your pet if you are moving house, your pet is going to the airport or similar. Please enquire directly to discuss your specific requirements as we are happy to accommodate local and longer distance journeys. 

Pet Taxi


Local Area

The price is based on up to 6 miles in the local area and includes pick up and drop off. We will also stay with your pet, if required, at the vets or similar. 

Hourly Rate

within 6 miles


£12 per hour

Longer Journey

This price applies to longer journeys beyond 6 miles. We will pick up and drop your pet at a requested location. We can stay with your pet as required.

Hourly Rate

Beyond 6 miles

£12 per hour + 50p per mile

Special Requirement

Sometimes you have a travel requirement for your pet/s that is not covered on our price list. If this is the case, please get in touch to discuss.

Depends on your enquiry

Price on Application

Patch & Edith

Thank you Tina for being there for me when I wasn't able to take Patch to the vets myself. As you know, my family wasn't around that week, and you kindly stepped in and helped me out.

Taking your pet to the vets


Feel confident that we can take your pet to the vets if you are unable to make the journey yourself for one reason or another. Never miss an appointment again, we will get there on time!

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