Cat Sitting Service

The cat that got the cream....

We provide home visits which allows your cat to stay at home while you are away. Cats like familiar surroundings and are often happier being in their own environment. For some cats, having to spend time in a cattery can prove a traumatic experience.

Instead, let us come along and make a fuss of your cat when we visit them in their familiar place. Sometimes, a cat can be nervous even in their own home, we respect this, and will give them the space they want. If you have more than one cat, we use your supplied photographs to identify each cat easily and give them the individual attention they require.

Cat Sitting Services

  • Provide food and fresh water using clean bowls
  • Socialise with your cat if they wish to have cuddles and playtime
  • Groom your cat if required
  • Clean out litter tray and clear up any accidents
  • Basic health check
  • Visits are typically 20 minutes long
  • You will provide food and litter as required

Cat Sitting Services


Kitten Socialising

We visit your kitten at home as required for feeding, playtime, socialising, and emptying the litter tray. We will even clear up any accidents!

One visit

30 minutes 

£10 per visit

Feeding Once

We will visit your cat for one feed (morning or evening). We will spend time playing and cuddling your cat, and clean the litter tray as required.

One visit per day

20 minutes

£9 per day

Feeding Twice

We will visit your cat for two feeds, morning and evening. We will spend time playing and cuddling your cat, and clean the litter tray as required.

Two visits per day

2 x 20 minutes

£15 per day

Scully & Victor

I travel with my work and often have to leave my cat home alone when I am gone for up to a week. I am new to the area and haven't got any family to help out with Scully, but Tina has offered the help I needed to make sure she is well looked after, cleaning her litter tray and making a fuss of her when she visits. 

Allow your cat to stay at home


While you are away to play, you’ll enjoy real peace of mind knowing we will do whatever is needed to keep your cat happy, healthy and safe.

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